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Yuanxin Air-conditioning equipment products professional production and processing

More than ten years of research and development and production experience

Focus on the sales of Yuanxin air-conditioning equipment and equipment, the industry's leading brand

Focus on central air-conditioning end products

Located in Luquanyu Development Zone, Wucheng County, the largest FRP county in China, the company is a company specializing in the processing and production of various ventilation equipment and central air-conditioning end products.

Advanced technology and quality assurance

First-class process equipment, strong technical force

Products have passed the quality system certification

With first-class design and R&D team, the products are constantly researched and updated, and tailor-made for you according to your different needs.

Introduced an internationally advanced machine mainframe production line, in order to ensure that each product is a boutique

Our company always adheres to the corporate philosophy of "Credit First, Customer Supreme"

Efforts to develop into a cutting-edge company based on air-conditioning equipment!

High efficiency, low operating costs

We will regard quality as the foundation and reputation as the criterion.

Mature and perfect after-sales service system

Resolve worries for customers

Mature sound service system for customers to resolve worries

Free professional pre-sales technical consultation

Perfect after-sales service team to help you solve problems quickly

7*24 hour professional hotline service


Yuan Xin

Dezhou yuanxin air conditioning equipment co.,ltd.

      Dezhou Yuanxin Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Luquanyu Development Zone, Wucheng County, the largest FRP county in China. The company is a company specializing in processing and producing all kinds of ventilation equipment and central air conditioner end products. At the same time, according to the needs of users, we design and manufacture various products of different specifications and models. The products are produced in accordance with national standards and standards, with adv…


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